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Amusement Hub is part of the FEC Network. An amusement focused network solution for owners, operators, startups and suppliers, providing secure shopping for amusement products and services across all of our brands.

Thanks for finding us, and using our products and resources. If you have any questions, or need some assistance please do reach out to us - we LOVE chatting with liked minded entrepreneurs.

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A diverse background of operations and management, construction, interior design, public relations, sales and marketing, large scale events, gaming and a love for technology and all things music.

Derek Giesbrecht

Founder - CEO

Growing up in northern Canada, outdoor adventure was every where, I was always looking for indoor adventure. In 1995 I found laser tag…

Words to live by:  If it’s to be, it is up to me.

about us

Natasha Glover


Stationed across Europe, my dad was in the military. Looking back now, those locations, cultural exposure and experiences were an incredible gift.

Words to live by:  If you’re not happy with it, change it.

about us

Charlie Handsome

Tech/IT Guru

Remember the AV kid in grade 8 that all the cool kids picked on? That was me. Didn’t matter though, I loved playing with all kinds of gear and still do.

Words to live by:  With time to play, anything is possible.

amusement operating proceedures and assistance

Sherry Worsley


I grew up the youngest of 4 sisters, seemingly always on the short end of the stick. That taught me persistence, work ethic and how to play and master the game.

Words to live by:  Attitude is everything, pick a good one.

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27 years amusement experience. Operations, management, attraction design & consulting.

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