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Redemption Games 101


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Publication Date: Updated for 2020
Length: 21 pages
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Redemption games account for as much as 60% of revenues at some successful fun centers…


Redemption games account for as much as 60% of revenues at some successful fun centers. A huge sales opportunity that can add profits to your bottom-line, but more importantly can help you create a family-friendly play experience that will help you drive repeat visits. In this new developers Guidebook, learn the basics of adding a profitable games room;


  • What are the differences between Arcade Games and Redemption Games?
  • How to determine which games and what mix are right for your facility?
  • Understanding pricing formulas and ticket value.
  • Merchandise: Real-world examples.


For many new developers, understanding how ticket-values and pay-outs work can be a little confusing at first. How to source your redemption game merchandise and how to price it to create perceived value while earning maximum return is the primary driver when selecting games, mercahdnise and designing the best games room layout. In this Guidebook, learn some of the best kept secrets from owner/operators;


  • How to create a winning redemption counter – that sells.
  • Price examples with case studies.
  • How to set point-values on all your merchandise.
  • 80% of Family Entertainment Centers offer games.


What works for your business and your market area may not be the same as the guy across town – find out what the differences are, which games and games styles will work for you.

1 review for Redemption Games 101

  1. Jim Henderson

    Very helpful guide. Especially the breakdown on payouts and prices.

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