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Startup Academy - Complete Bundle


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Need some one-on-one support?

UPDATED for 2023

Startup Academy is a step-by-step, instructor-led modular program to help amusement entrepreneurs research, develop and build their entertainment center project.

NO NEED TO TRAVEL – Startup Academy is delivered direct to you, at your convenience via the web, video, email and our on-going telephone consultations.

Includes ALL (7) Academy modules.

  • Demographics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Lease Space
  • Build-Out
  • Revenues
  • Operating Expenses
  • ROI


The Academy program is presented by Fun Center Academy.
For a complete run-down of the program check it out here: 


The Academy program is a ‘LIVE’ and online business development program for new amusement business startups, that helps you keep focused and motivated while working together to complete your local feasibility study and business plan.

7 reviews for Startup Academy – Complete Bundle

  1. Jason Hurly

    My wife and I have been thinking about starting a fun center business for some time. With Covid nearing an end, we felt this would an opportunistic time to get serious. Startup academy has been the right program at the right time for us. Derek has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. We look forward to working on each module with him

  2. Thomas F.

    I purchased the FEC business plan then decided to upgrade to the academy program for more focused assistance. Very happy with materials and course. Able to use my original purchase towards payment, thank you!

  3. Mr. Cleemont

    A note to the developer of this program. We started our fun center journey back in 2016, but struggled with the many facets of starting a new venture, especially with regards to the feasibility of such a business in our area. Nobody wants to waste time and money on a path of little or no return. We eventually found this program and were intrigued as the service seemed to be exactly what we had been looking for. Derrick has been very supportive and knowledgeable, and although we have had to step away for a few months, we are excited to once again be working with your office. We look forward to completing our project plan shortly.

  4. Latricia Merrick

    Wow! At first I was quite skeptical about the value of this service for the price. Now, as a recent graduate I am very impressed. The information is current and goes way beyond what is promised. Our coach was available any time and the insight he brought to our concept was beyond expectation. Can’t say enough good stuff about this service, thank you!

  5. Danny Patel

    Materials as described, plan is very well written and all the guidebooks and forms have been helpful to. The telephone consultations and support is very important and worth the price. thank you. I give you 3 star because the download process was very confusing.

    • Amusement Hub

      Hi Danny. Thanks for the review and explanation. Agreed, the process was a bit confusing, as we were having issues with our PayPal connector. We have made those updates 🙂

  6. George Van Demere

    After going through this program we determined that the market for our project was not what we thought it was. It was sad news, but it saved us from making a huge, expensive mistake under our own assumptions. We were able to reconfigure a plan that is a much better fit for the opportunity and have since secured most of our funding. Thank you big time.

  7. Anita Carlise

    I will admit I was very cautious about spending for this product. However, the program has been excellent for us. After paying we received an email as described, with a download link. There were a lot of materials in the zip folders and it took us several days to go through it all. Having the opportunity to work one on one with our coach is very helpful. Our many questions get answered and conversations are very informative. I can’t imagine not having this information and trying to “go it alone” with equipment suppliers, our landlord or the banker. The completed plan has led to three very good meetings with our own banker and two others in town, all of which have complimented us on our plan. We expect to be fully funded within a few months. Very helpful, and I can not thank you enough.

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